Friday, October 3, 2008

I am on FIRE today…with ideas to rework, reorganize and redecorate my studio. On a weekend trip to Barnes & Noble, I found a lovely new edition of Cloth.Paper.Scissors’ “Studios”. ( There are a number of stories with photos about studios of various artists around the world, as well as organizational tips from an expert. Some of them are absolutely gorgeous, others I can see myself working so very well in.

All I can say is… “WOW” My head full of ideas about making this work for me or reworking that so that it is more useful…all while in the back of my head is this little niggle, something I’m forgetting.

Photo boxes decorated in earthy designs labeled with the supplies in each, little tin and copper containers holding bits of this and that, antique cake plates with glues and paints and several tall old printers cabinets….all waiting to be filled with the various supplies around the studio… yet….

I look around my studio, which looks, I might add…as if Hurricane Willow has recently made landfall….and realize I am in serious need of a makeover. But..

Oh yes! Its holiday production time! My dream studio makeover will have to wait until time and budget will allow.

In the meantime, a huge thank you to Interweave for this dream inspiring issue of “Studios”.

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ChezChani said...

I love looking at stuff like that but I am a realist. I will never have that sort of a space, never will anyone want to take a picture of it unless it's the DON'T picture. Perhaps if there was a Craft Room Re-Organizer show on HGTV...nah, get your head out of the clouds !