Friday, July 11, 2008

Exciting things going on...

I had my first sale in the etsy bead store! WOOHOOO!!!!

I'm off to a wholesale gem & bead show tomorrow. They put it on 3 times a year and it is just amazing. An entire Embassy Suites hotel is turned into a bead show, with each room being its own little shop. I walk in, sign the registration and put on my Simply Willow name tag...and the bead lust overtakes me. Stones, pearls and crystals in every colour and shape imaginable.... I leave significantly poorer, but oh so happy. I can buy enough supplies at one show to last me a year. So naturally, we go to all 3 every year LOL.

While I am shopping for new beads and stones, my head will be here at home, frantically getting ready for next weekend's art fair. This show is typically my highest one day sales show of the summer season. Fabulous people, great organisers, a beautiful venue....I'm pumped even tho I'm not even close to being ready!

Simply Willow is growing like crazy. eSMArts team has been a great help! Etsy is offering me a wonderful learning opportunity and the website is coming along.


ChezChani said...

Happy shopping and good luck w/your fair.

willow said...

Thanks! It was FABULOUS. I have new lampwork to post on willowsbeads. My husband found lots of wonderful pendants, etc for his chainmaille and ... it was just great...happy sight