Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SoSo Show

I'm back from what should have been a fabulous show at the Richland Art Fair in Richland, MI! OHHHHH, the rain, the rain!!! By the time we packed up Saturday evening, we were doing it in the mud! Despite the constant rain, there was a steady flow of people, but no one was really buying. This remains one of my favourite shows! Great people, great organizers and usually...great sales!

We are supposed to be at a show this next weekend, but I am still recovering from knee surgery and we've decided to sit this one out! We're off to Grand Haven, MI for the Coast Guard Festival Art Show the first weekend in August, though! We wouldn't miss it for anything!

I've noticed that the climate of shows has changed a good deal this year. Many people are at shows for the entertainment value, rather than the art itself. They are meeting up with friends, as usual, but there is very little buying going on. I think so many people are cautious of the unknown economic situation and are hanging on to their money. Thankfully, this is not everyone...but enough that it has changed the way many of us approach shows. I have started carrying fewer of my high end signature pieces and stocking more lower priced simple pieces, a lot of pendants on chains actually. This seems to be a good strategy at this point. While sales overall were somewhat dismal, it could have been a lot worse! (at least a good cup of coffee was available!)

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