Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Mornings are a beautiful thing! Quiet, dark, full of mystery and surprise. How will this day unfold?

I am a morning person...I know, you'd never have guessed. I am one of those unique oddities to most of human-kind. I leap out of bed at 4:47 each morning, eager to see what awaits. I read, create, write, mess about with my unruly hair...all before most people have even dreamt of that first cup of Mother's nectar (coffee, of course!)

Sounds fill the morning, the first cars carrying people up much earlier than I...on their way to work, the birds chirping playfully and the soft hum of my husband sleeping. This is music to create by! Several pieces of jewelry have been completed this morning, more than a couple moved on to various stages in the process.

Soon, I will be sitting in my office at work, dreaming of this morning time...

where did my cup of coffee go, anyway??


Stefani said...

I'm with you, sister - mornings rock! I get up at 4:30 in order to get plenty of arts & crafts in before going to the day job.

Weekends I sleep in until 7:00ish.

Beautiful jewelry!

Wezz said...

oh geesh, I am soooo not a morning person! But I do envy you the wonderful morning light to take these great pics! I get my most creative hours at night time, when all is quiet again... ;-))
Oh and no morning is complete without coffee of course!