Sunday, August 17, 2008


found out today that Vintaj Brass linked their blog entry on 8/16/08 to my entry "To all the beads I've loved before". You can check out their blog at

I'm very excited and hope that helps drive some traffic to my etsy site. I love their products and feature them in many of my creations. Of course, you can check out my jewelry at

Now that we're home from taking my eldest son to college at Morehead University, i'm hoping that I can get some jewelry made for all of our upcoming shows.


Wilma said...

Willow your jewelry is just stunning I can see why you link them so much. You have a wonderful way of creating using their products.

where is Moorehead?


Wilma said...

That should actually read "like" not link


willow said...

Morehead is in 18 yr old is playing football for Centre College, also in Kentucky. I just had a rather large order from a shop in Lexington, KY...sounds like I'll be visiting KY a lot this year !!!!!

Wezz said...

Willow, your jewelry is just stunning and no wonder they picked you to highlight on their blog! Think of all the extra exposure you'll get! Way to go!

dentedhalo said...


Your jewelry designs are just beautiful! Very talented lady.


Anonymous said...

We love your work and look forward to each design.

Here is a helpful hint: When you are linking back to a blog (like ours for example) click on the posts title. Then copy that url at the top and it will give you a direct link back to the specific post. This way when people are browsing your links they do not have to look for your featured post, it will direct them straight to it!

Happy Designing,

Vintaj Blog