Saturday, April 27, 2013

Crafty Friday!

I have rediscovered an old friend...Modge Podge!!   There are so many cute projects out there that use this crafting favourite that I just had to jump in head first once again!

Thrift store shopping has become a favourite past-time lately and I have picked up several (very boring) glass candle holders.

A little modge podge, a piece of laser cut scrapbook paper and 15 minutes later, I had this fabulous candleholder for my dining room table.  In the picture is another of my thrifting finds, a gorgeous star dish in the same lovely blue.

After a successful crafting time with my old friend Modge Podge, another former crafting buddy made a re-appearance ---  double sided tape!!!   See what a little scrapbook paper, double sided tape and twine can do!

Approximately $8 and a half hourr, I had 2 wonderful new (frugal) candle holders for our home!  I love upcycling thrifted items and am SOOOO glad that it is finally garage sale time here in West Michigan!

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