Monday, April 1, 2013

Thrift Store Serendipity

I was sitting at my desk ... working like crazy, needing a break from the complexities of foodservice equipment quoting....when it hit me!  Today was a fabulous day for a trip to our local thrift store!  I have been planning to head that way for the last week, since our little guy will soon need jackets.  I typically try to have one good one that is worn only when we go out and several "play" jackets that can be rolled around in the grass and dirt in.   What better place to pick up play jackets than the thrift store!?!?  

This is new thinking for me, by the way.  Six months ago, I think that Kohls and Old Navy were dedicating new wings of their stores to me.  Convenience and availability, however, are no longer an option if it isn't a good value for our family.

As i am browing the aisles, I note several nice toddler boy jackets --$2.99 ea!!!!  I picked up 3 of them...  I look through the dresses to see if there is anything appealing that I could alter for myself -- nothing.   On top of a rack of clothes I see dress shoes for men -- a brand new pair with the tags in my husband's size for $14.99.  Typically this brand would retail for about $45.   SCORE!!!!   Now I just have to convince my ThriftStorePhobic husband to wear them!!!

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