Monday, April 22, 2013

Crafty Plans....

Today has been an absolutely fabulous day!  After I made the world safe for foodservice equipment dealers everywhere... I snuck out to the craft stores!  I've been itching to glam up some of my recent thrift store finds and tomorrow, I'll have pics!   Along with the need for spring cleaning, i've also had this redecorating need.  I'm not the worlds most savvy decorator, I've been scouring the frugalista sites and pinterest and crafty blogs for ideas.   Tomorrow, I hope to transform a tray for my dining table, make some terrific candle holders and fancy up some candles for our living room.     I am also working on a purse for a co-workers daughter (shhh, don't tell!!!)   This is more up my alley, though...I love working with fabrics and yarns and have been embellishing items (did i just age myself???)  I'll also spend some time with our little guy tomorrow making fridge magnets!! (pics forthcoming!)  He loves to craft and will be home with Mom every Tuesday and Thursday through the summer.  

tune in tomorrow for photos of our crafty day!!!

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