Thursday, April 4, 2013

Little Sickie

I've meant to share a lot of recipes and craft ideas over the last couple of days, but our 3 yr old Sammybug has bronchitis and strep throat.  ugh!!!!  He's been down for three days now, no playing, very little eating...not even much talking.   NO FUN!!!   He is curled up on the couch with not one but TWO blankies and his favourite stuffy - Doggie.   Things should be back to normal in a couple days here, as he starts the antibiotics today.  The Dr explained that there is a lot of this going around right now that typically leaves by spring break week.  Due to our rather late start to spring, the infections seem to be increasing rather than decreasing.   

We have a new chant at our house...spring,spring,spring,spring,spring.....
even our Sammybug can get behind this one!

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