Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Homemade Laundry Soap - No Grate, No Cook !!

Remember how I said I hadn't jumped into green cleaning with both feet?   Strike that....

After a seriously successful experiment with ammonia and a very icky (hey, it's a technical term!) broiler pan...I have decided to try more of the homemade cleaners.  I noticed over the weekend that my stockpile of 30 bottles of laundry soap had dwindled to a mere 5 under my husband's watchful eye, so I am going to start there.

I've found this recipe for a liquid laundry soap that does not require you to grate soap or cook on the stove. 

3T Borax
3T Washing soda (NOT baking soda!)
2T Dawn dish soap (great as a grease fighter and adds a lovely scent!)

Put these 3 ingredients into a one gallon container.  Add 4 cups boiling water.  Gently shake to dissolve.  Let cool.   Add cold water to equal one gallon.  

Since I had so many empty laundry containers that I'd saved, I filled up 2 of them from this recipe.   These 2 gallons cost less than 40 cents to make.    Reviews on this laundry soap seems to be positive web-wide...I'll make sure to share my take on it after I've done our weekly laundry!

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